Weekly Wrap Up – Week 3

Sundays I’ll tell something about my week. Every Sunday I’ll set up some goals for me to do for the upcoming week and next Sunday I’ll tell how well I reached them.


  • Eat regularly (at work this is a real challenge sometimes)
  • Keep drinking water
  • Go to the scale (I’m really afraid to do that)

It’s been a good week for me. Yay! I’ve been exercising. Not everyday, but almost. At my friends summer house I did some yard works and at home I’ve been going to walks. I’ve been drinking water and especially because it’s been warm. At work we been having troubles with air condition and it’s been hot in there. So I’ve been consuming lot of water. 

I think I’ve been eating quite regularly. Now I’ve been thinking do I eat enough. I haven’t been hungry but I really been paying attention to how much others eat. And I think I don’t eat as much and when you trying to lose weight you have to eat enough.

And I finally I went to the scale. And I’m so terrified about that. But I did it. 

So I’ve had a good week and I’m proud of myself. 

Now I have to go to work so I don’t have time to tell anything else.


  • Keep exercising
  • Keep eating regularly 
  • Keep going to scale

2 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up – Week 3

  1. I believe if you eat regularly and healthy and won’t get hungry, you’re definitely not eating too little. If you do however get hungry, you should probably eat more. 🙂

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