This blog is about me. This blog is about my own thoughts and feelings. This blog is about who I am. This blog is about what I want to achieve in life. Whole purpose of this blog is to put my thoughts in some kind of order so I can figure out what have happened to me in last year and what’s going to happen to me in next year.

Ok, that was what this blog is about.  But what about me? Who am I? I’m 30+ woman. I just have finished studying and gain my degree in nursing. I’m overweight and my next goal is to lose weight. And get a great job. I’m very outgoing person and I love attention. I have my own opinions, but I understand everybody doesn’t agree with me. And that’s ok. It’s awesome that there’s loads of different kind of people in the world. It would be pretty boring if we all were alike.

In this blog you’ll find out more about me. I give you information about healthy eating, healthy lifestyle and what I do with this information to change my life. I’ll give you recipes and pictures of my cooking. I’ll give you my life.

If you just little bit interested, go on further and read some of my posts. Feel free to comment. You can also suggest themes you think I should write about.

With Love SonyaBlue


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