What about now

Why my head is always empty when I start to write a post? I just remember I had great topics to write about, but when I open my blog and prepared to write I forgot what I supposed to write. I usually get great ideas on my way to work or in the morning when I really don’t have time to write anything down. (I really should write those down) I just have vague remembrance of the things but I don’t remember the specific things  I would have write. So I just write something I thought right now. This post will be just some jitter jatter or just about Bon Jovi. I’m not sure what I’ll come up with.

I’m on a train to go to Tampere. Tampere is a one of the biggest cities in Finland and about 150 km from Turku where I live. I have very good reason to go to Tampere. BON JOVI is going to have a gig in there tomorrow. And I’m so excited about it. I’m big fan of Bon Jovi. I wrote about that I’m not a big fan of the Guns N’ Roses, because I was so young when they had big singles and so on, but actually Bon Jovi was founded in 1983 and I was just two years old back then. So my logic isn’t quite so simple. Or I’m just weird.


So the band Bon Jovi is almost as old as me. And I really like they music. First I heard them, I mean I remember hearing them and liked it, I was about 14 years old. It was the time when they released the single This ain’t a love song” and the album “These Days“. I just had got my first cd player for my birthday and the These Days was the really first album I bought with my own money. Next year (1996) I saw Bon Jovi in Helsinki with my beloved sister.

I own Bon Jovi’s almost every album (I don’t have Fahrenheit 7800) and I’ve been in every concert their have had in Finland outdoors since year 1996. I’ve had missed one of their concert here in Finland. It was indoor gig in Turku. Yeah, in my home town. Weird, I know, but I’ve never said I’m normal. They usually have played in Helsinki Olympia Stadion, but on Sunday they going to play in Tampere Ratina Stadion. I’ve never been there (in Ratina Stadion), but example Red Hot Chilli Peppers have played there, so it can’t be a bad place to have a rock concert. 


So since 1996 I’ve been Bon Jovi’s concerts with my sister, who I love so much. It’s kind of our thing together. Luckily my sisters best friend lives in Tampere so we can stay there night or two instead of the hotel. 

So Bon Jovi tomorrow. I think I won’t write Weekly Wrap Up tomorrow because of that. Shortly I have had a pretty good week, though I haven’t been eating so regularly. Keep drinking water, especially now, because it’s really a summer time and it’s been warm.

Have a great weekend and the beginning of the week. 

Ps. I have took the pictures last time Bon Jovi was in Finland.


Weekly Wrap Up – Week 2

Sundays I’ll tell something about my week. Every Sunday I’ll set up some goals for me to do for the upcoming week and next Sunday I’ll tell how well I reached them.


  • Drink water 2,5 l per day
  • Go to walk everyday at least for 30 minutes, longer if day off from work.
  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Really lose some weight

I’ve been sick since last Thursday night and I haven’t been eating well since then but I really have been drinking water and some other liquids too. Today I’m feeling better and have been eating proper food: new potatoes, broccoli and some meat. I didn’t eat breakfast everyday. But I ate breakfast at the beginning of the week and I felt really good. And then I got sick 😦 

 Beginning  of the week I also drink quite good. I have one half liter bottle at home and one at work and I can fill them up. It’s easier to me to remember to drink, if I really have the bottle right beside me. So yes, I’ve been drinking water 2,5 l per day.

My next goal to achieve was to go do some exercise, to walk at least 30 minutes per day. I really didn’t reach this goal, not by far. Monday and Tuesday I was so tired that I wasn’t up to it. It’s just a stupid excuse and the one thing I want to change in my life. 

I really don’t know if I’ve been loosing weight, because I forgot to go to the scale at work beginning of the week and now I’ve been on a sick leave, so I haven’t had a change to use the scale. I don’t own a scale. But I think I haven’t lost any kilos or pounds

Well. this doesn’t look good. I achieved 1 out of 4 goals. That isn’t good at all. I’m so disappointed in me. 😦 I was sick, so that’s a one reason to fail, but still. I just have to think positively and there’s only one way to go now!



  • Eat regularly (at work this is a real challenge sometimes)
  • Keep drinking water
  • Go to the scale (I’m really afraid to do that) 

New beginning

Still looking for a life. I started this blog last November, but then I just got too busy or something else to write. But now I have decided try this blog again. Yay! It’s first of  May, so it’s great to start in the beginning of the month.

My life haven’t changed much. I’m still staying with my mom. I know, so embarrassing, but I have good reasons for that. I just have to save money so I can rent my own place. I have planned that just about two months and I’m on my own.

25.4 019

This is me

I’m still over weight. And that’s a thing I don’t like at all. I hope through this blog I have some change about my weight. I hope that when I’m writing my thoughts out here and tell you my challenge losing lot of weight, I will do it. I think it’s too hart to tell my friends and family (thought my sister is reading this) about my battle. If I’ll tell my friends about my battle I feel I don’t have change to fail. I really know that’s not true, because I have the greatest friends, but just don’t want to tell anyone who is in my life about this. And also, it would be awesome, when I’m losing weight and they just pay attention to it.  

One thing is good. I have a job. I have a great job. A job I just love. I’ve been working in ICU since end of January. And I just love it. Now I’m in my dream job! I just keep smiling everyday when I go to work and whenever I just think about my work place.

So I try to find my life again and I hope I can found it. I have plan to write weekly about my exercise, my meals and my progress losing weight. I also have a plan to tell about my apartment hunting and my life in general including my fun findings over internet or my shopping. Let’s find out how this second start is going to go.