Just because it’s Friday

I’m sick. I have a runny nose, sore throat and fever. I’ve been sleeping and watching tv and some youtube videos. And I’ve been thinking what to write here today. And I have nothing. Well I have one thought, but it’s kind of silly one and it could be a thing that it’s just funny to me.

I don’t speak English as my native language. If you didn’t know that by now, now you do. Because of that some words doesn’t always open to me like they should. I have to examples: bellybutton and the band called Guns N’ Roses.

I’ve never been any big fan of the Guns N’ Roses. I’ve been born in 1981 so when they had their hit singles I was just in Guns-N-Roses-guns-n-roses-15303946-1280-960elementary school. Of course I’ve heard those big hit singles like Paradise City, Sweet Child O’ Mine, November Rain and so on. I really like those three songs and if I were born five years earlier I probably would have been big fan of the band. 

It took me really long time to truly understand to meaning of the Guns N’ Roses -name. I was over my twenties when I realized that its guns and roses. Really, there’s guns and then there’s roses. And yes, I’ve been learning English since I was 9 years old. When I understand the real meaning of the bands name I got it and it real suits them. 


What comes to the word bellybutton, I just always have thought it’s a hilarious word. I have always known the meaning of the word, but the word itself is just funny. I just been wondering who would came with that kind of word. Word has just been looking like a mess to me who doesn’t speak English like a native. 

lataus (2)Just the other day I remembered the word. It came to my mind when I saw a ladybug and stared to think my blog. When I think my blog I usually think in English. Probably because I write this in English. So I saw leppäkerttu and just thought it’s a ladybug in English and then I just went on and on and finally got to the word bellybutton which is a naval. And then, just then I realized  where the word comes from. It’s so obvious now. So simple that belly, stomach and the naval looks like a button. So  simple. 


I just love English as a language. There’s so many different words to the same things and there’s a lot more phrases and adjectives as in Finnish. I just hope I could increase my knowledge in English and also develop my vocabulary in the future. Maybe this blog will help me with that too. 

Do you have words in your native language or in English (if it’s not you native language) what you think is funny or make you just think some funny moments in your life?

Have great weekend, enjoy your life and loved ones. 


Tasty Thursday – Filled Bell Peppers

I like to cook and bake. Making and baking meals is just wise thing to do. At least I think so. That’s how I know exactly the  ingredients of the meal and I can choose which kind of products I use. Tasty Thursdays idea is just to share a recipe of the whole meal or just one tasty thing that I’ve made during the week. Recipes could been shared any other day too, but Thursdays  is one day that is certain.

Today I made bell peppers filled with minced beef and rice and also a salad. I also used texture soy protein to make the minced beef to last longer or in another word make another dish out of it. This is a great food; only your imagination is the limit. I made quite unimaginative ones, but still tasty ones.

I used these things:

  • about 250 g (8,8 ounces) minced beef
  • about 1,5 dl (0,6 cups) texture soy protein
  • about 1,5 dl (0,6 cups) uncooked rice
  • 2 small onions or one big one
  • vegetable oil
  • seasonings on your choice
  • bell peppers, I only had 3 and I had left over filling
  • grated cheese

Do this with those things above:

  1. Put the texture soy protein in to a bowl and fill with water just little bit over the product. Let it swell.
  2. Cook rice as it’s been said on the box or the bag
  3. Chop onions. Put a little pit of vegetable oil on a pan and heat it up. Sweat the onions on there and put them on a side.
  4. Fry the minced beef. At the end of the cooking add texture soy protein.
  5. Season and add the onions.
  6. Take a big bowl and add the minced beef soy protein thing and rice and mix them together.
  7. Take your bell peppers and one big kettle.
  8. Fill the kettle with a water (just little over half way on the kettle) and boil it. Add salt about 0,5-1 tsp
  9. Split the bell peppers half and take the seeds and the white parts off.
  10. Boil the bell peppers about 5 minutes and put them on paper towel for a couple minutes to dry.
  11. Take a baking tray or any other dish you can put in the oven and you can fit the bell peppers.
  12. Put the bell peppers on baking tray and fill them up. Put the grated cheese on top of them.
  13. Pre-heat the oven 225°C (437°F) and roast bell peppers about 15 to 20 minutes.

You can also take the hats of from bell peppers (task 9) if you want to have more fancier looking. I prefer splitting them half because it’s easier to eat. There’s also less to eat if you just want example a light lunch. It’s easier also to kids to eat and they usually don’t have stomach for the whole bell pepper. Of course you can choose small bell peppers if you really want to take the hats of rather than split them up.

I also made a salad with the bell peppers. I just used things I could find at home, like: apple, lettuce, spring onions, zucchini, radish, cucumber and feta.

Today’s dish is very versatile. You can do this almost anything you can found at your house. The key ingredients are the bell peppers and the rice, after that you can do what ever you want.

Workout Wednesday – Nature is waking

Workout Wednesdays I tell something about my exercises.

Spring is here, finally! Summer is almost here!

Today I woke up at 8 am after 12 hours of sleep. Yes 12 hours. I was really, really tired and today was my day off. I woke up with sore throat and heavy head. And it was raining. 😦 So I watched some tv and checked up Facebook and some other pages over the internet. Couple of hours and sun was up. Yay! I was so glad about it. Although I didn’t feel so good i decided I’ll go for  a walk. Actually I had decided go to walk today last Sunday.

Weather was so nice. Weather was perfect. Sun was shining and there was hardly any wind. Temperature was 22°C (72°F) so I only needed sweatpants and a t-shirt on me. And my new sneakers 🙂 It was like a summer. I walked quite slowly because I didn’t feel so great and I walked only about 2 km (1.2 miles). And I really took my time, because I took some beautiful pictures of the nature.

It was so nice to walk at the sunshine. I could smell the spring and the top of all was to see the different kind of birds and hear them singing. Birds was too fast for my camera and I didn’t have any audio recorders with me (I don’t even own any audio recorders) to tape some of the beautiful voices in the woods. I aimed my camera to the different kind of flowers which are rising up from the ground.

I’m watching ice hockey at the same time I’m writing this so there could be even more grammar mistakes than usually. So sorry about that. Finland is playing against USA and it’s a tie right now. I have know idea whose going to win. Here’s some pictures I took today.

Weekly Wrap Up – Week 1

Sundays I’ll tell something about my week. Every Sunday I’ll set up some goals for me to do for the upcoming week and next Sunday I’ll tell how well I reached them.

This first week didn’t go as well as I’d hope. I didn’t have time to exercise or I say so at least. Maybe I should have done something, but I just wasn’t up to it and I haven’t found my sneakers anywhere. Luckily I found cheap sneakers and bought them. Now I really don’t have any excuses to have some exercise. And I know that running or in my case walking outdoor isn’t the only way to have some exercise. I also could go to gym or swimming or maybe both. 

At least (about 2 weeks ago) all the snow has melted away. Yay! I really should take my bicycle out of the storage (read: from my dads place) and put some grease to the chains, check air in the tires and make sure that brakes works as them should (read: my dad’s going to do that all). I really like cycling so I hope to see my dad soon and get my bicycle. 

In this week I went to 2 birthday parties and at work we had a potluck because of the 1st of the May, Vappu, as we called it here in Finland. I tried to eat within reason, but I did eat cakes, crisps, candy, fruits, peanuts, doughnut, pasta salads, green salads and so on.

And finally yesterday me and my friends were in fancy restaurant. Food was great, so delicious and I was eager to eat the main dish I forgot to take a picture of it. Desert was heavenly and also I remembered take a photo to you to see . Also I enjoyed wines and drinks during the evening. We had really fun time and it was great to see on friend I haven’t seen in 18 months.


  • Drink water 2,5 l per day
  • Go to walk everyday at least for 30 minutes, longer if day off from work.
  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Really lose some weight

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

I were in Brasil, in Rio De Janeiro almost three years ago and I just were remembering the trip by watching the photos took over there. I noticed this weekly photo challenges and it fits perfectly, because I didn’t have any topic on my mind to write about today. Here are some of the pictures I took there, FROM ABOVE.

Hmm…? What to eat in the next week?

It’s Friday. Yay!! And I have the weekend off. Tomorrow is my godsons 7th birthday party at noon and the evening we’ll go to eat quite fancy (or at least quite expensive) place with my friends. After dinner we have plan to have couple of drinks and go to clubbing. Just going to have fun.

I’m on a mission to get thinner but due to my plans for the weekend it’s probably not going so well. But it’s just one day. I thinks it’s good to have day every now and then, when it’s allowed to eat and drink anything you want. Though it’s not so good idea so early on my mission ;). Oh well, it’s going to happen =).  

Next week I’ll eat much more healthier than during this week. I went to grocery store today and bought lot of food for the next week. I usually know what I’m going to do for lunches/dinners before I go to store, but today I didn’t. So I just bought lot of stuff that I could think to be used. Now I just have to figure it out what I’m going to made. 

3.5 022

There is potatoes, bell peppers, red peppers (chilies), avocados, mangoes, grapes. Strawberries are  just for replace candy and yes, I did not buy any candy at all! Also I bought cheese, noodles, juice, eggs, corn, rye bread/buns, cottage cheese, plum tomatoes, zucchini, cream and sour cream.

Cucumber is one vegetable I can NOT live without. I usually eat about 4 cucumbers per week. Today I just bought one, because I just got two from farmers market, where I usually buy as many vegetables I can/they sell.

And yes, I’m not a vegetarian, not by far. I bought minced beef, bacon and pork stakes. I usually buy my meets without marinate, but today those marinated ones was on sale, so now I have six stakes in marinate in my home. I also bought texture soy protein to add with minced meat. Quark I usually eat at work with sugar free berry soup. 

And top of all, Coca-cola. Coca-cola zero! The one drink I can not live without. I don’t drink coffee or tea. I drink coke. I know it’s not good for my teeth. Actually I don’t think there is anything good in the coke, but I’m addicted to it. 

What do you think of my groceries? What should or shouldn’t I bought?

Tasty Thursday – Asian style

Thursdays will be Tasty Thursdays for now on. At least here on my blog. I like to cook and bake. Making and baking meals is just wise thing to do. At least I think so. That’s how I know exactly the  ingredients of the meal and I can choose which kind of products I use. Tasty Thursdays idea is just to share a recipe of the whole meal or just one tasty thing that I’ve made during the week. Recipes could been shared any other day too, but Thursdays  is one day that is certain.

I know I just wrote that recipe would be one of the things I cooked this week, but I don’t have a photo of any of the meals I’ve been eating during the week. This dish was made about two weeks ago, and it was soooooo good. This recipe is for 3 persons.


– 300-400g (10-14oz)salmon                                     13.4 022

– 0,5-0,75 dl (0,2-0,3 cups) of teriyaki sauce

– clove of garlic (minced)

– 1 tsp sesame oil

– 2 tbsp water

– 1 tbsp soy sauce

Prepare the salmon: pluck the salmons back bones and cut it to the portions. Prepare the sauce by mixing all ingredients together. Turn over the salmons in the sauce and leave them to marinate for about half hour.

Lift the salmons to the baking tray, leave rest of the sauce in to the bowl. Pre-heat the oven to the 175’C (347’F) and roast the salmons 10-12 minutes. After that put oven to the grill mode and increase the heat well. Grill salmons about 5 minutes now. After they’re done stroke more sauce on the salmons.


– 200g (7oz) noodles                       13.4 015

– 1 red pepper (chili)

– about 3-4 green tops of the spring onion (you can also use leak or chives)

– 2 tbsp soy sauce

– 1 tsp sesame oil

Cut the noodles in to the smaller pieces (it’s easier to fry them). Prepare the noodles as it’s been said on the package. Pour the water out and leave the noodles for a minute or two. Pre-heat the pan and about 1-2 tbsp vegetable oil, add the chopped red pepper and fry for a moment. Add noodles and fry about 3 to 5 minutes. Add chopped green tops of the spring onions, sesame oil and soy sauce. Fry just one minute more.

This was quite easy to cook. Next time I’ll chop two red peppers in the noodles, because it wasn’t spicy enough for me. And I don’t like spicy food, so it wasn’t spicy at all.

I found this recipe from one blog I found while looking for Asian style cooking with a salmon. The blog is called Hahmakettu. The blog is in Finnish, so visit it if you know the language.