Weekly Wrap Up – Week 1

Sundays I’ll tell something about my week. Every Sunday I’ll set up some goals for me to do for the upcoming week and next Sunday I’ll tell how well I reached them.

This first week didn’t go as well as I’d hope. I didn’t have time to exercise or I say so at least. Maybe I should have done something, but I just wasn’t up to it and I haven’t found my sneakers anywhere. Luckily I found cheap sneakers and bought them. Now I really don’t have any excuses to have some exercise. And I know that running or in my case walking outdoor isn’t the only way to have some exercise. I also could go to gym or swimming or maybe both. 

At least (about 2 weeks ago) all the snow has melted away. Yay! I really should take my bicycle out of the storage (read: from my dads place) and put some grease to the chains, check air in the tires and make sure that brakes works as them should (read: my dad’s going to do that all). I really like cycling so I hope to see my dad soon and get my bicycle. 

In this week I went to 2 birthday parties and at work we had a potluck because of the 1st of the May, Vappu, as we called it here in Finland. I tried to eat within reason, but I did eat cakes, crisps, candy, fruits, peanuts, doughnut, pasta salads, green salads and so on.

And finally yesterday me and my friends were in fancy restaurant. Food was great, so delicious and I was eager to eat the main dish I forgot to take a picture of it. Desert was heavenly and also I remembered take a photo to you to see . Also I enjoyed wines and drinks during the evening. We had really fun time and it was great to see on friend I haven’t seen in 18 months.


  • Drink water 2,5 l per day
  • Go to walk everyday at least for 30 minutes, longer if day off from work.
  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Really lose some weight