Weekly Wrap Up – Week 2

Sundays I’ll tell something about my week. Every Sunday I’ll set up some goals for me to do for the upcoming week and next Sunday I’ll tell how well I reached them.


  • Drink water 2,5 l per day
  • Go to walk everyday at least for 30 minutes, longer if day off from work.
  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Really lose some weight

I’ve been sick since last Thursday night and I haven’t been eating well since then but I really have been drinking water and some other liquids too. Today I’m feeling better and have been eating proper food: new potatoes, broccoli and some meat. I didn’t eat breakfast everyday. But I ate breakfast at the beginning of the week and I felt really good. And then I got sick 😦 

 Beginning  of the week I also drink quite good. I have one half liter bottle at home and one at work and I can fill them up. It’s easier to me to remember to drink, if I really have the bottle right beside me. So yes, I’ve been drinking water 2,5 l per day.

My next goal to achieve was to go do some exercise, to walk at least 30 minutes per day. I really didn’t reach this goal, not by far. Monday and Tuesday I was so tired that I wasn’t up to it. It’s just a stupid excuse and the one thing I want to change in my life. 

I really don’t know if I’ve been loosing weight, because I forgot to go to the scale at work beginning of the week and now I’ve been on a sick leave, so I haven’t had a change to use the scale. I don’t own a scale. But I think I haven’t lost any kilos or pounds

Well. this doesn’t look good. I achieved 1 out of 4 goals. That isn’t good at all. I’m so disappointed in me. 😦 I was sick, so that’s a one reason to fail, but still. I just have to think positively and there’s only one way to go now!



  • Eat regularly (at work this is a real challenge sometimes)
  • Keep drinking water
  • Go to the scale (I’m really afraid to do that)