Tasty Thursday – Chicken Pasta Salad

I like to cook and bake. Making and baking meals is just wise thing to do. At least I think so. That’s how I know exactly the ingredients of the meal and I can choose which kind of products I use. Tasty Thursdays idea is just to share a recipe of the whole meal or just one tasty thing that I’ve made during the week. Recipes could been shared any other day too, but Thursdays is one day that is certain.


I’ve totally forgot my blog. Now I remembered this and decided to do a quick post. It’s just after midnight and I’m still up. I was at evening shift today and tomorrow (or today) I have to go to work by quarter past seven. OMG, I’m gonna be so tired. But I’m always tired after evening shift and if I have morning shift next day. 

But, the point in this post is food, again. I really have to write something else next time. Maybe tomorrow I have time to write about something else. Maybe about my weight lose or Bon Jovi. 

So food. 

Couple of friends or actually my sister and her friend visit me last Tuesday. My sister came straight from work and I knew she would be hungry. She wished some salad, maybe chicken, so I had promised her I would make something close to that. I made CHICKEN PASTA SALAD.

If you want to do this too you need to have (or at least I had these):

  • Chicken breast or something like that, without marinate.
  • Seasoning, I had black pepper,  Santa Maria’s Mango Curry, salt and little bit of vegetable oil
  • Pasta
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • Bell pepper
  • Peach
  • Avocado
  • Rucola
  • Spring onion
  • Vegetable oil (0,75dl), honey (1 tbsp), black pepper, salt (for the dressing)

FIRST I cut the chicken breasts to the smaller pieces (so they fit you mouth) and seasoned them and let them to marinate. SECOND I boiled some water to cook the pasta in it (remember to put some salt in the pasta water). AS the pasta is boiling, I started to chop everything else in the bowl. AFTER pasta was done, I cooled down in I cold water and put it back in the kettle. I mixed up the dressing in a small bowl and BLENDED it together with the pasta and left it to marinate. THEN I pre heated a pan to fry the chickens. WHILE chickens was cooking I finished the chopping other ingredients. BEFORE I added the chickens to the salad I let them to cool down over the plate covered with paper towel (it would absorb some of the oil). FINALLY I added the pasta and the chicken to the salad and mixed it together. 

I served salad with home made carrot buns and some butter or creme cheese. To drink I had acquired mineral water.