I’ve Been Craving For…

,… A HAMBURGER.       

All week long I’ve been craving for a meal in some fast food restaurants. But those aren’t good for me, ‘cos those meals are some much fat, salt and sugar and I’m trying to lose weight.  Although I would choose Coca-Cola Zero, ‘cos it’s tastes much better to me than regular Coca-Cola. Zero isn’t so sweet compare to regular or even light/diet version. By the way, I did you know that in Finland it’s forbidden to use word “diet” e.g in groceries, that’s why I put word “light” in there too.

Back to the point. Craving for a hamburger. Then I realized I could make it by myself. Yay!


This is what you need for making hamburger steak:

600 g / 21 oz Minced meat

2 dl / 0.85 cups  sour cream, low fat

2 tbsp Breadcrumbs

About 1 – 1,5 dl / 0.65 cups Flour

1 Egg

1-2 Onion

About 1 dl / 0.42 cups Milk

Seasonings: Salt, White pepper, Paprika powder, Chili powder, Black pepper. Add seasoning to your own flavor.

1. Take a bowl and combine sour cream and breadcrumb. Let breadcrumb swollen.

2. Sweat chopped onion on a pan.

3. Combine sour cream-breadcrumb -mix together with minced meat, onions and seasonings.

4. Mix egg there too.

5. Also add  milk and flour. Add flour little bit at a time to make paste perfect. Remember you don’t have to use all flour or maybe you have to add little bit more.

6. Wet your hands in cold water and make steaks.

7. Fry steaks on a hot pan or in the oven (200°C/392°F about 10-15 min.) I made about 14 steaks.

I bought buns, but it would be fantastic to bake buns by oneself too. Then I just add lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion rings, one slice cheddar cheese, pickled cucumber, some bell pepper and little bit ketchup and hamburger sauce.

annan kuvia 2012 097

French fries was from freezer’ cos I was lazy to chop and shred potatoes. Meal was great and just what I was craving for.

And of course there was left overs, so I made another meal next day. I boiled potatoes, carrots and broccoli. Heated up those left over minced meat steaks.   Clearly this one was healthier than the hamburger meal. And also so good!

1.12.2012 026

Have great weekend and feel free to try these meals too. Also feel free to comment and tell which foods you’re craving for.

With Love SonyaBlue