Hmm…? What to eat in the next week?

It’s Friday. Yay!! And I have the weekend off. Tomorrow is my godsons 7th birthday party at noon and the evening we’ll go to eat quite fancy (or at least quite expensive) place with my friends. After dinner we have plan to have couple of drinks and go to clubbing. Just going to have fun.

I’m on a mission to get thinner but due to my plans for the weekend it’s probably not going so well. But it’s just one day. I thinks it’s good to have day every now and then, when it’s allowed to eat and drink anything you want. Though it’s not so good idea so early on my mission ;). Oh well, it’s going to happen =).  

Next week I’ll eat much more healthier than during this week. I went to grocery store today and bought lot of food for the next week. I usually know what I’m going to do for lunches/dinners before I go to store, but today I didn’t. So I just bought lot of stuff that I could think to be used. Now I just have to figure it out what I’m going to made. 

3.5 022

There is potatoes, bell peppers, red peppers (chilies), avocados, mangoes, grapes. Strawberries are  just for replace candy and yes, I did not buy any candy at all! Also I bought cheese, noodles, juice, eggs, corn, rye bread/buns, cottage cheese, plum tomatoes, zucchini, cream and sour cream.

Cucumber is one vegetable I can NOT live without. I usually eat about 4 cucumbers per week. Today I just bought one, because I just got two from farmers market, where I usually buy as many vegetables I can/they sell.

And yes, I’m not a vegetarian, not by far. I bought minced beef, bacon and pork stakes. I usually buy my meets without marinate, but today those marinated ones was on sale, so now I have six stakes in marinate in my home. I also bought texture soy protein to add with minced meat. Quark I usually eat at work with sugar free berry soup. 

And top of all, Coca-cola. Coca-cola zero! The one drink I can not live without. I don’t drink coffee or tea. I drink coke. I know it’s not good for my teeth. Actually I don’t think there is anything good in the coke, but I’m addicted to it. 

What do you think of my groceries? What should or shouldn’t I bought?