New beginning

Still looking for a life. I started this blog last November, but then I just got too busy or something else to write. But now I have decided try this blog again. Yay! It’s first of  May, so it’s great to start in the beginning of the month.

My life haven’t changed much. I’m still staying with my mom. I know, so embarrassing, but I have good reasons for that. I just have to save money so I can rent my own place. I have planned that just about two months and I’m on my own.

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This is me

I’m still over weight. And that’s a thing I don’t like at all. I hope through this blog I have some change about my weight. I hope that when I’m writing my thoughts out here and tell you my challenge losing lot of weight, I will do it. I think it’s too hart to tell my friends and family (thought my sister is reading this) about my battle. If I’ll tell my friends about my battle I feel I don’t have change to fail. I really know that’s not true, because I have the greatest friends, but just don’t want to tell anyone who is in my life about this. And also, it would be awesome, when I’m losing weight and they just pay attention to it.  

One thing is good. I have a job. I have a great job. A job I just love. I’ve been working in ICU since end of January. And I just love it. Now I’m in my dream job! I just keep smiling everyday when I go to work and whenever I just think about my work place.

So I try to find my life again and I hope I can found it. I have plan to write weekly about my exercise, my meals and my progress losing weight. I also have a plan to tell about my apartment hunting and my life in general including my fun findings over internet or my shopping. Let’s find out how this second start is going to go.