Tasty Thursday – Evening Snack

It’s been sunny and warm and I just love it. Summer is here! I’ve been with my friend in her summer house for two days. It’s just by the sea but water was way too cold to swim, so I just enjoyed sauna and listening to waves against the rocks. I think the sauna was the best thing. I love to go to sauna and especially the wood stove sauna. It’s so relaxing just to sit there and watch beautiful Finnish landscape. 

So I haven’t had time to write any posts. But today I have couple of minutes before bedtime so I just give you a hint for a evening snack (or breakfast or just a snack): Rye bread with avocado and basil.

I just had two slices organic rye bread, slice of low fat ham, one avocado (one half for each bread slice) and to the top fresh basil. Simple and delicious.