Tasty Thursday – Filled Bell Peppers

I like to cook and bake. Making and baking meals is just wise thing to do. At least I think so. That’s how I know exactly the  ingredients of the meal and I can choose which kind of products I use. Tasty Thursdays idea is just to share a recipe of the whole meal or just one tasty thing that I’ve made during the week. Recipes could been shared any other day too, but Thursdays  is one day that is certain.

Today I made bell peppers filled with minced beef and rice and also a salad. I also used texture soy protein to make the minced beef to last longer or in another word make another dish out of it. This is a great food; only your imagination is the limit. I made quite unimaginative ones, but still tasty ones.

I used these things:

  • about 250 g (8,8 ounces) minced beef
  • about 1,5 dl (0,6 cups) texture soy protein
  • about 1,5 dl (0,6 cups) uncooked rice
  • 2 small onions or one big one
  • vegetable oil
  • seasonings on your choice
  • bell peppers, I only had 3 and I had left over filling
  • grated cheese

Do this with those things above:

  1. Put the texture soy protein in to a bowl and fill with water just little bit over the product. Let it swell.
  2. Cook rice as it’s been said on the box or the bag
  3. Chop onions. Put a little pit of vegetable oil on a pan and heat it up. Sweat the onions on there and put them on a side.
  4. Fry the minced beef. At the end of the cooking add texture soy protein.
  5. Season and add the onions.
  6. Take a big bowl and add the minced beef soy protein thing and rice and mix them together.
  7. Take your bell peppers and one big kettle.
  8. Fill the kettle with a water (just little over half way on the kettle) and boil it. Add salt about 0,5-1 tsp
  9. Split the bell peppers half and take the seeds and the white parts off.
  10. Boil the bell peppers about 5 minutes and put them on paper towel for a couple minutes to dry.
  11. Take a baking tray or any other dish you can put in the oven and you can fit the bell peppers.
  12. Put the bell peppers on baking tray and fill them up. Put the grated cheese on top of them.
  13. Pre-heat the oven 225°C (437°F) and roast bell peppers about 15 to 20 minutes.

You can also take the hats of from bell peppers (task 9) if you want to have more fancier looking. I prefer splitting them half because it’s easier to eat. There’s also less to eat if you just want example a light lunch. It’s easier also to kids to eat and they usually don’t have stomach for the whole bell pepper. Of course you can choose small bell peppers if you really want to take the hats of rather than split them up.

I also made a salad with the bell peppers. I just used things I could find at home, like: apple, lettuce, spring onions, zucchini, radish, cucumber and feta.

Today’s dish is very versatile. You can do this almost anything you can found at your house. The key ingredients are the bell peppers and the rice, after that you can do what ever you want.