Weekly Wrap Up – Week 2

Sundays I’ll tell something about my week. Every Sunday I’ll set up some goals for me to do for the upcoming week and next Sunday I’ll tell how well I reached them.


  • Drink water 2,5 l per day
  • Go to walk everyday at least for 30 minutes, longer if day off from work.
  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Really lose some weight

I’ve been sick since last Thursday night and I haven’t been eating well since then but I really have been drinking water and some other liquids too. Today I’m feeling better and have been eating proper food: new potatoes, broccoli and some meat. I didn’t eat breakfast everyday. But I ate breakfast at the beginning of the week and I felt really good. And then I got sick 😦 

 Beginning  of the week I also drink quite good. I have one half liter bottle at home and one at work and I can fill them up. It’s easier to me to remember to drink, if I really have the bottle right beside me. So yes, I’ve been drinking water 2,5 l per day.

My next goal to achieve was to go do some exercise, to walk at least 30 minutes per day. I really didn’t reach this goal, not by far. Monday and Tuesday I was so tired that I wasn’t up to it. It’s just a stupid excuse and the one thing I want to change in my life. 

I really don’t know if I’ve been loosing weight, because I forgot to go to the scale at work beginning of the week and now I’ve been on a sick leave, so I haven’t had a change to use the scale. I don’t own a scale. But I think I haven’t lost any kilos or pounds

Well. this doesn’t look good. I achieved 1 out of 4 goals. That isn’t good at all. I’m so disappointed in me. 😦 I was sick, so that’s a one reason to fail, but still. I just have to think positively and there’s only one way to go now!



  • Eat regularly (at work this is a real challenge sometimes)
  • Keep drinking water
  • Go to the scale (I’m really afraid to do that) 

Weekly Wrap Up – Week 1

Sundays I’ll tell something about my week. Every Sunday I’ll set up some goals for me to do for the upcoming week and next Sunday I’ll tell how well I reached them.

This first week didn’t go as well as I’d hope. I didn’t have time to exercise or I say so at least. Maybe I should have done something, but I just wasn’t up to it and I haven’t found my sneakers anywhere. Luckily I found cheap sneakers and bought them. Now I really don’t have any excuses to have some exercise. And I know that running or in my case walking outdoor isn’t the only way to have some exercise. I also could go to gym or swimming or maybe both. 

At least (about 2 weeks ago) all the snow has melted away. Yay! I really should take my bicycle out of the storage (read: from my dads place) and put some grease to the chains, check air in the tires and make sure that brakes works as them should (read: my dad’s going to do that all). I really like cycling so I hope to see my dad soon and get my bicycle. 

In this week I went to 2 birthday parties and at work we had a potluck because of the 1st of the May, Vappu, as we called it here in Finland. I tried to eat within reason, but I did eat cakes, crisps, candy, fruits, peanuts, doughnut, pasta salads, green salads and so on.

And finally yesterday me and my friends were in fancy restaurant. Food was great, so delicious and I was eager to eat the main dish I forgot to take a picture of it. Desert was heavenly and also I remembered take a photo to you to see . Also I enjoyed wines and drinks during the evening. We had really fun time and it was great to see on friend I haven’t seen in 18 months.


  • Drink water 2,5 l per day
  • Go to walk everyday at least for 30 minutes, longer if day off from work.
  • Eat breakfast everyday
  • Really lose some weight

New beginning

Still looking for a life. I started this blog last November, but then I just got too busy or something else to write. But now I have decided try this blog again. Yay! It’s first of  May, so it’s great to start in the beginning of the month.

My life haven’t changed much. I’m still staying with my mom. I know, so embarrassing, but I have good reasons for that. I just have to save money so I can rent my own place. I have planned that just about two months and I’m on my own.

25.4 019

This is me

I’m still over weight. And that’s a thing I don’t like at all. I hope through this blog I have some change about my weight. I hope that when I’m writing my thoughts out here and tell you my challenge losing lot of weight, I will do it. I think it’s too hart to tell my friends and family (thought my sister is reading this) about my battle. If I’ll tell my friends about my battle I feel I don’t have change to fail. I really know that’s not true, because I have the greatest friends, but just don’t want to tell anyone who is in my life about this. And also, it would be awesome, when I’m losing weight and they just pay attention to it.  

One thing is good. I have a job. I have a great job. A job I just love. I’ve been working in ICU since end of January. And I just love it. Now I’m in my dream job! I just keep smiling everyday when I go to work and whenever I just think about my work place.

So I try to find my life again and I hope I can found it. I have plan to write weekly about my exercise, my meals and my progress losing weight. I also have a plan to tell about my apartment hunting and my life in general including my fun findings over internet or my shopping. Let’s find out how this second start is going to go.

Naked Truth

I’ve been walking around my neighborhood everyday. Of course different kind of people pass me by or I pass them, either way. They all look different. They are tall, short, skinny, chubby, normal weight or even really fat. They have blond, brown, black, red, violet or blue hairs. They skin color isn’t always same as mine nor eye color. And they don’t have same kind of cloths.

The other day (actually about 4 to 5 days already) it’s n been about -10°/14°F. So quite cold. I’m wearing pants over tights, sweater and quilted jacket. To me the most important pieces are woolen scarf, woolly hat and mittens. Other ways I would freeze. Towards me was coming group of teenagers, couple boys and about 6 to 8 girls. The boys was wearing woolly hats, but none of the girls weren’t. Girls had they make-up on and cloths like in fashion magazine. But no woolly hats. And it was cold.

Well it’s ok to wear latest fashion styles and it’s ok to wear make-up. But why wouldn’t they wear woolly hat? Does that mess their hairs so badly that they choose to freeze their brains? And I also thought woolly hats are in fashion right now. Or in fashion in here. At least during summertime I saw lots of woolly hats on teenagers. Or did their braisn melted during summer, so they don’t need to protect their brains anymore? Why teenage girls won’t wear woolly hats on winter? Maybe the right answer is somewhere between  peer pressure and messy hair. I don’t really know. Actually I do remember when I was teenager I didn’t wear a woolly hat on wintertime either. But then fashion was different and I just couldn’t wear a woolly hat, ‘cos none of my friends did neither.

Why everybody have to do like in fashion magazine. Those are filled up with perfect pictures of perfect models. And still those pictures are usually photoshopped. And everybody wants to be like those underweight models. Fashion magazines have too much power over us. Famous people have a lot of pressure to look good, cause once we seen them without make up or doing some daily thing and they don’t look their best, we just have to say it. And if someone has gain little bit weight and wear a tight dress or shirt someone have to tell that to a person always. Why?

Last week I came across a dare called “Naked Truth”. Veera Korhonen, who has a fashion blog,  was upsetting about comment made of a picture of her friend wearing custom made dress.  Someone was suggesting that the dress would look better on skinnier person. She was inspired and decided to take picture of herself without any make-up and no use of any photosopping or retouching the picture. She made A DARE out of it and asked the bloggers to do the same. A picture without make-up, photoshopping and retouching.

4.12.2012 103

So this is me. Just me, nothing added. With my little rash, with my light eye brows, with my hair after shower. I decided to take part on this dare. Do you dare do the same?

Here’s the link to original post of Veera, but I have to warn you, it is in Finnish.

With Love SonyaBlue

I’m So Excited

This new life is great. I love it.


My plan for today was wake up early, eat good breakfast and do some exercise.


But I didn’t woke up until 10.30 am. Oh well, it’s was still morning though. Wasn’t it? I ate sturdy breakfast including two sandwiches and oatmeal, drank raspberry juice. Yes, that went like I’d planned. Then I left to do some sports. Beginning of the week I decided I want to go to swimming. So I did today. I swam 1,5 km (0,9 miles). Also I walked 3 km (1,9 miles). Wohoo. I felt so good afterwards. It always feels good after you’ve done some exercise. =)


After I got home I ate spaghetti with minced meat sauce. I think it was quite healthy though spaghetti wasn’t whole wheat. Sauce was healthy ‘cos besides minced meat there was carrots, onions and parsnips. Before bedtime I ate two sandwiches again.


I know that I should eat regularly while losing weight. In fact everybody should eat regularly to gain or to remain their ideal weight. I also know you should eat about 4 to 5 times a day. You should have a good breakfast, ‘cos it’s most important meal in day. I’ve read at breakfast should contain good amount of protein ‘cos it adds basal metabolism. It’s important increase your basal metabolism while you’re losing weight. Now I’m just writing about theory. I could do one or two posts just about theory regarding healthy eating and living. You shouldn’t forgot eat lunch, some healthy snack, dinner and healthy evening snack. I promise I would do something about my eating habits. This was just day 1.


And I’m so excited about this blog. I thought about this blog while swimming. I noticed swimming is also good for your mind. ‘cos you have time to think everything while you just swim. I came up with loads of ideas to put in here. So I think I keep writing. This is fun. Though, I’m little bummed out ‘cos I can’t use this wordpress as good as I’d wanted to. But I’m learning. So bear with me.


I’m off to bed now. Trying to write less confusing text tomorrow.


With Love SonyaBlue