Naked Truth

I’ve been walking around my neighborhood everyday. Of course different kind of people pass me by or I pass them, either way. They all look different. They are tall, short, skinny, chubby, normal weight or even really fat. They have blond, brown, black, red, violet or blue hairs. They skin color isn’t always same as mine nor eye color. And they don’t have same kind of cloths.

The other day (actually about 4 to 5 days already) it’s n been about -10°/14°F. So quite cold. I’m wearing pants over tights, sweater and quilted jacket. To me the most important pieces are woolen scarf, woolly hat and mittens. Other ways I would freeze. Towards me was coming group of teenagers, couple boys and about 6 to 8 girls. The boys was wearing woolly hats, but none of the girls weren’t. Girls had they make-up on and cloths like in fashion magazine. But no woolly hats. And it was cold.

Well it’s ok to wear latest fashion styles and it’s ok to wear make-up. But why wouldn’t they wear woolly hat? Does that mess their hairs so badly that they choose to freeze their brains? And I also thought woolly hats are in fashion right now. Or in fashion in here. At least during summertime I saw lots of woolly hats on teenagers. Or did their braisn melted during summer, so they don’t need to protect their brains anymore? Why teenage girls won’t wear woolly hats on winter? Maybe the right answer is somewhere between  peer pressure and messy hair. I don’t really know. Actually I do remember when I was teenager I didn’t wear a woolly hat on wintertime either. But then fashion was different and I just couldn’t wear a woolly hat, ‘cos none of my friends did neither.

Why everybody have to do like in fashion magazine. Those are filled up with perfect pictures of perfect models. And still those pictures are usually photoshopped. And everybody wants to be like those underweight models. Fashion magazines have too much power over us. Famous people have a lot of pressure to look good, cause once we seen them without make up or doing some daily thing and they don’t look their best, we just have to say it. And if someone has gain little bit weight and wear a tight dress or shirt someone have to tell that to a person always. Why?

Last week I came across a dare called “Naked Truth”. Veera Korhonen, who has a fashion blog,  was upsetting about comment made of a picture of her friend wearing custom made dress.  Someone was suggesting that the dress would look better on skinnier person. She was inspired and decided to take picture of herself without any make-up and no use of any photosopping or retouching the picture. She made A DARE out of it and asked the bloggers to do the same. A picture without make-up, photoshopping and retouching.

4.12.2012 103

So this is me. Just me, nothing added. With my little rash, with my light eye brows, with my hair after shower. I decided to take part on this dare. Do you dare do the same?

Here’s the link to original post of Veera, but I have to warn you, it is in Finnish.

With Love SonyaBlue