Introducing myself


This blog is about me. This blog is about my own thoughts and feelings. This blog is about who I am. This blog is about what I want to achieve in life. Whole purpose of this blog is to put my thoughts in some kind of order so I can figure out what have happened to me in last year and what’s going to happen to me in next year.

I’m 31 years old woman. A single. Overweight. Homeless. Feeling little blue. Yes I know, this doesn’t give a very good impression of me. Also I’m not so good writer. I mean I’m not too funny or don’t come up with good phrases. And my English is not perfect, not even close.  Maybe you stopped reading already, but if you still going on you’ll find out something about me.

Little over a year ago I lost my job. Actually it was my own fault. I was working as a nurse in rehabilitation ward in hospital. I’ve studied to be a nurse since 2002. It supposed to last three and half years, but I never finished. I almost did, but almost doesn’t count. I’d been studying little over 3 years, but I just didn’t finish my school work, because I was working. And loving it. So they just couldn’t keep me anymore in the work, ‘cos I didn’t have a degree.

At August in last year (2011) I had my final day at nursing job. Then it took a long time to talk about it to anyone. Actually, to my family I haven’t really talk about it at all. One of my friend just figure it out by herself and made me do something about my unemployment.

After Christmas 2011 I finally did something. I did go to employment agency. I got a job as a cleaner in pharmaceutical factory. About same time I decided to get my nursing degree. I just had to apply to polytechnic again. The polytechnic I got in was about 90km (56 miles) from my hometown. Luckily my aunt lives in that town with her husband and their dog. And middle of everything I found out that I have hypothyroidism.

I thought that studying would take at least a year but I wasn’t sure. I also gave up of my apartment, ‘cos I just couldn’t afford it as a student. Two weeks after school started I knew I only had to do one paper and five weeks practical training.

Now I’m happily back in my hometown, though I don’t have a home. Nowadays I live with my mom. Yes I’m over 30 and I live with my mother. OMG! Now I’m looking for work to get money so I could rent apartment just for me.

Top of all this I’m planning to chance my lifestyle. I’m really serious about losing weight. That means to chance my eating habits and my exercise. I could imagine that eating habits are quit easy to chance to right direction. I just have to leave candy and other sweets out of it. Exercise. Yeah I just have to get my ass up of the couch.

In this blog I’m planning to tell about journey in my new life. Let’s see what kind of journey it would be. Please join me. Feel free to comment and also suggest themes you think I should write about.

With Love, SonyaBlue